Familia Mendez

Geca Coffee Farms is a family owned company, their specialty is the production of high quality coffee! The farms are Located in the western region of El Salvador, department of Ahuachapan, between the towns of Apaneca and Ataco and at an altitude of 1,200 and 1,500 MASL.

Their coffee is  cultivated strictly under the shade of native trees, Geca also has a water management program and they collect rain water to increase their sustainability.

Here you will find different types of processing coffee: Natural, Honey, Semiwashed and washed coffees, The varieties grown at the farm include: Pacamara, Pacas, Geisha, Bourbon and my two favorite ones  Cuscatleco and Centroamericano

Geca strives for quality and excellence! 


Geca is an multiple award winning company, they are proud winners of the renowned cup of excellence in the years of 2008 and 2010. Recently they have been awarded 1st place on the competition " Exceptional quality for the world 2016 and granted the Presidential coffee award,  in 2019 they qualified amongs the top coffees of the cup of excellence. Cafecito Central is proud to bring to Europe in this summer the amazing Natural Cuscatleco and Centroamericano by Geca coffee El Salvador!


Familia Acosta


Café Santa Matilde, is located in El Salvador, as one of the highest level coffee at the national level. The Santa Matilde farm is located in Ataco, and produces a wide variety of international quality coffee.

Concepción de Ataco is located in the heart of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, an area that was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2007.

This area was occupied by indigenous groups for about 2,600 years, during the pre-Classic Maya period. In some of the communities founded by them persisted indigenous groups, Pipiles or Kakis, faithful to their culture and customs.

The Biosphere Reserve Apaneca - Ilamatepec, is located in the north west of El Salvador. It covers the Apaneca - Ilamatepec mountain range, with an area of 59,056 hectares. Its central coordinates in Latitude - Longitude (WGS 84) are 89 ° 40'00 "W and 13 ° 50'00" N.


The main anthropic use of the soil is characterized by a diverse floristic composition, with several strata, that protects the soil and offers, better than other uses, the connection between the remnants of natural vegetation, protected or not, that are found in the area and they contribute greatly in the conservation of biodiversity in the country.

"Shaded coffee plantations" provide a range of environmental goods and services that are of vital importance for the functioning of the remaining natural ecosystems.

They are the most extensive productive system of the Biosphere Reserve (covering 68% of its surface), and as several studies indicate, they are agroecosystems that conserve an important diversity of species.

The cultivation of coffee with shade is one of the most important activities from the economic, historical and cultural point of view, both for the communities that live in the area and for the Salvadoran Nation. The cultivation and benefit of coffee has begun to be certified since 1999.


The Ariz Herrera family were pioneers in the cultivation of coffee in the privileged region of Apaneca-Ilamatepec. 

Don Manuel Ariz emigrated from Galicia, Spain to El Salvador in the 50s of the 19th century, and together with his wife, Doña Josefa Herrera, they started their coffee business in the city of Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán. 


They began a long family tradition that was continued by their children: Matilde, his grandson Mario and 2 more generations that to date continue to produce and generate jobs and social welfare in the community for more than a century and a half.




Familia Ortiz

 The farm has belonged to the family since the beginning of the last century, specifically to grandpa  Lorenzo Ortiz, after his death my father Lorenzo Ortiz Jaime administered it until 1998, and since then I have been in charge, since the end of 2012  We are specializing in the production of Special Coffees.


We cultivate Arabica Red Bourbon variety with excellent attributes and we are certified Rainforest Alliance, our lots have been exported to TAYLORS Coffee in England and Omni-Coffee in Russia, we are also suppliers of Crafters Coffee and Dr. Coffee San Salvador, all of the best Coffee Shops in offering Specialty Cafes in El Salvador. We currently export our coffee to AMA EL AROMA, Taiwan, Germany and proudly since 2019 to Cafecito Central located in the Netherlands!




Farm Facts

  • Brand Name: 1- El Guayabo, 2- Café Don Lorenzo
  • Altitude: 1,300 Meters above sea level
  • Preparation: Gourmet
  • Arabica Varieties: RED BOURBON
  • Harvest Period: From late December to late February
  • Process: full wash, Natural and Honey

Cup profile

  • Aroma Intense Candy – (Intenso Caramelo)
  • Flavor Plum, Cocoa, Cinnamon, honey and chocolate– (Ciruela, Cacao, Canela, Miel y Chocolate)
  • Body Silky Round – (Redondo y Sedoso)
  • Acidity Balanced – (Balanceada)