Location: Apaneca, Ahuachapan - El Salvador.

Varieties: Cuscatleco and Centroamericano

Processes: Natural, Honey and semi-washed

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 MASL


The Mendez family specialty is the production of high quality coffee! Their farms are Located in the western region of El Salvador, department of Ahuachapan, between the towns of Apaneca and Ataco and at an altitude of 1,200 and 1,500 MASL.

Their coffee is  cultivated strictly under the shade of native trees, Mendez family also has a water management program and they collect rain water to increase their sustainability.

Here you will find different types of processing coffee: Natural, Honey, Semiwashed and washed coffees, The varieties grown at the farm include: Pacamara, Pacas, Geisha, Bourbon and my two favorite ones  Cuscatleco and Centroamericano

Carlos Mendez strives for quality and excellence! 


They are a multiple award winning company, they are proud award winners of the renowned cup of excellence  and other contests between the years  of 2008 and 2018. Recently they have been awarded 1st place on the competition " Exceptional quality for the world 2016" and granted the Presidential coffee award,  in 2019 they qualified amongs the top coffees of the cup of excellence. Cafecito Central is proud to bring to Europe in this summer the amazing Cuscatleco and Centroamericano .