"The farm has belonged to the family since the beginning of the last century, specifically to grandpa  Lorenzo Ortiz, after his death my father Lorenzo Ortiz Jaime administered it until 1998, and since then I have been in charge, since the end of 2012  We are specializing in the production of Special Coffees."


"We cultivate Arabica Red Bourbon variety with excellent attributes and we are certified Rainforest Alliance, our lots have been exported to TAYLORS Coffee in England and Omni-Coffee in Russia, we are also suppliers of Crafters Coffee and Dr. Coffee San Salvador, all of the best Coffee Shops in offering Specialty Cafes in El Salvador. We currently export our coffee to AMA EL AROMA, Taiwan, Germany and proudly since 2019 to Cafecito Central located in the Netherlands!  "

                                                                                Jaime Ortiz.




Farm Facts

  • Brand Name: 1- El Guayabo, 2- Café Don Lorenzo
  • Altitude: 1,300 Meters above sea level
  • Preparation: Gourmet
  • Arabica Varieties: RED BOURBON
  • Harvest Period: From late December to late February
  • Process: full wash, Natural and Honey

Cup profile

  • Aroma Intense Candy – (Intenso Caramelo)
  • Flavor Plum, Cocoa, Cinnamon, honey and chocolate– (Ciruela, Cacao, Canela, Miel y Chocolate)
  • Body Silky Round – (Redondo y Sedoso)
  • Acidity Balanced – (Balanceada)