Familia Enamorado

San Nicolás - Santa Bárbara, Honduras

Lempira microlots - Natural process

Finca Los Laureles 

1.550 masl

Finca los Laureles in surrounded by mountains and located in the department of Santa Barbara, Honduras. It is 300 km away from the capital Tegucigalpa. At 1550+ meters they have a lovely weather! Temperatures around the year are between 27 – 15 degrees Celsius.

Coffee farming has become a family tradition for them, it all started in 1940 when don Virgilio Enamorado got their first 8 hectares of land for coffee production, and today his son Ramón keeps the family tradition alive and running successfully.

 Their production is always environmental friendly, coffee is grown under a nice layer of native tree shades and on a very rich organic matter soil.  Good Agricultural Practices are always applied to avoid pests and diseases! The processes available are: Natural, Honey and washed.  Nature on the farm is always respected, the farm has a rich fauna and a vast amount of animals can be appreciated, especially in the early hours of the morning and during the sunset.


Variety Garden:

Currently the Enamorado family produces the varieties: Lempira, Icatu, Parainema and Ihcafe-90.


 But that’s not all! Ramón and Ruth have a great passion for what they do and are always testing more varieties! Currently on their new variety gardens we can find Pacamara and Geisha, which will be available in the coming years for us!

Familia Pérez

Florida de Opatoro - La Paz, Honduras

Catuai microlots - Natural process

Finca Zarabanda


1.500 masl

Welcome to finca Zarabanda, also known as the legend of coffee. Doña Orfilia, Dagoberto and their siblings are the 4th generation running the farm. it has been almost a 100 years of farming tradition for the Lenca descendent family.

Finca Zarabanda at 1500 meters is surrounded by lovely mountains and a radiant sun creates an ideal microclimate for coffee. Located in the Marcala region, they are well known for producing some of the best coffees from Honduras!

The main varieties found here are Catuai and Typica! their favorite process is Natural, but they also do honey and washed and always with great cupping results.

Just like all farms working with us, Finca Zarabanda is an environmental friendly place! doña Orfilia and her brother Dagoberto own a vast collection of bird pictures they`ve  sight on their property! Wild life is very present at Zarabanda, hunting is extrictly forbidden here! 


Besides birds it is easy to spot mammals and reptiles in and around the farm, specially on the early hours of the morning or late on the afternoon.