Specialty Coffee Traders

Great Coffee

Cafecito Central stands for two decades of good friendship.

We give our growers a platform to share their excellent coffees with the world.


In addition, purchasing our coffees directly helps these growers with numerous ongoing projects on their farms. Get involved! 


We believe in transparancy in our chain and direct trade with our partner farmers.

Cafecito Central is 100% transparent and we are confident to share our business figures.

Help us change the coffee industry and to give a better price to our farmers! 


A family tradition passed from generation to generation, our partner farmers have several decades of experience.


The exclusive coffees we import score over 84 points. Natural, Honey and Washed process which are available to you green or roasted on demand by one of our roasters in the Netherlands.

Cafecito Social Club

Soon on our blog Cafecito Social Club: interviews with growers, roasters and Baristas!  articles by forestry and environment enthusiasts, reviews from our excursions to Central America, fun facts about coffee and curiosities from:`s-Hertogenbosch!

Quality Assurance

Our coffee  goes through a strict sensory analysis and always cupped by a certified Q-Grader, so you can rest assured you are roasting  a great  coffee every time!

Always Fresh

espresso koffiebonen

Roasted? sure, not a problem! our coffee is also available  roasted by a very well selected roaster with many years of experience! 

Meet our special customers

Its a great pleasure supplying  every once in a while our  friends listed below with our coffee beans! Together we are changing the industry and paying better prices to coffee farmers in Latin America. Thank you and best wishes from Cafecito Central and our partner farms.


Direct Trade

  • We negotiate directly with the producers
  • Prices paid to our farmers are always above Fair Trade.

  • Prioritize good environmental, agricultural and social practices by farmers.

  • We frequently visit the farms.

  • transparency report.
  • Great quality coffee!