Region: Apaneca ilamatepec

Location: Skirts of volcano el Chingo, Cantón el paste, Santa Ana, El Salvador.

Harvest month: December - February

Producer Name: Franklin Cerón

Altitude: 1,350 meters


Crop Info 

Variety: Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Pacas, Yellow Catuai.

Type of soil: Clay loam

Average rainfall: 1,500 - 2,000 mm per year

Average climate temperature: 13-25 ° C

Shadow type: Mixed forests with a shadow density 30-40%

Types of Flora and Fauna present: Trees native to the area.

Animals: Rabbits, armadillos, reptiles and birds.

Cultivation Conditions: Traditional semi organic.

Fertilization methods: Mainly compost of the same coffee pulp as organic fertilizer, Foliar fertilizer formula balanced to the soil needs.

Management of unwanted shrubs: the farm does not use herbicides or pesticides

Management practices: about 10,000 new coffee plants and shade trees are reforested every year, to always keep the farm in the same conditions, thus contributing to the environment.




Finca Las Brisas was cultivated in the years (1930 -1940) by its owner Francisco Cerón currently owned by Familia Cerón (5 Generation) it consists of 85 Mz of extension 100% cultivated coffee and divided into 5 planks:  La loma, El amate, La Fortuna, Las Nubes, El Palo solo and El Cipresal.



Mill Information

 Finca Las Brisas has its own benefit since 2014, to ensure traceability, the collection of coffee cherries is done manually  selected, the pulping is maximum 10 hours after harvesting, the musilago is then removed and subsequently taken to African beds for drying.